The Art of Reconstruction

Digital Sketches


With Habitat 44º, Marcus investigates the complexity of holographic space and how holography has the potential to augment the observers’ view of their surrounding environment. The purpose of this research is to isolate unique characteristics of installation art, architecture, and holography to lay the foundation for my art practice. In the field of holography, both artists and scientists alike refer to the holographic image as a “reconstruction," a shorthand for wavefront reconstruction. At the intersection of holography and architecture, he explores the critical implications of his reconstructions through the lens of Jens Schröter and his analysis of the transplane image, and through Rosalind Krauss' concept of axiomatic structures. Taking a constructivist approach, Marcus creates a holographic artwork and fabricates a spatial canvas that acts as an intervention in architectural space in order to construct a theory and practice of environmental holography.

Keywords: Holography, architecture, physical, virtual, space, abstraction, quasi-architecture, reconstruction, transparent material, installation, transplane, pavilion, constructivist, environmental art, transmission hologram, public art, wave optics, virtual optics.